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Listen to your body, watch for signs and symptoms, learn about your family history, talk to your doc, lose your fear of the preparations and the procedures. Early detection is the key!


Those Who Have Gone Before Us

After some much needed caffeine and a bit-o-breakfast this morning, I met my Brothers and Sisters of the Legion Riders from Post 6 and other volunteers at Beth El Cemetery to place flags on the graves of veterans there and in Olivet Cemetery in honor of Veteran's Day. The weather was excellent and we had a large … Continue reading Those Who Have Gone Before Us

The Agony of Da Feet

This is Kyia. We rescued her over a year ago and she's become such a sweet little girl, I mean look at that face! How can you not love this little sweetheart? Kyia (and her partner in crime, Keisel) are not supposed to be in the kitchen while I'm cooking unless they're getting a drink or eating. … Continue reading The Agony of Da Feet

Kyia Dawn

Since several people have asked, here is what we know of Kyia's story: Kyia was born June 7, 2013 (she is 16 months old today). The paperwork we were able to get on her says she is a German Shepherd mix, but she definitely looks all shepherd, of the long-haired variety. She was living with … Continue reading Kyia Dawn