It Can’t Always Be About You

So I’m walking through a building and pass by two acquaintances who are talking to a third person. Not wanting to interrupt, I smile as I pass by without saying anything and set off on my merry way.

“Sure, just walk by without saying anything and be all stuck-up. That’s just rude.” The comment stopped me in my tracks.

“Well I was trying to be polite and I thought, respectful as well, by not interrupting your conversation. Butting in would have been rude. But since you seem to want all of my attention, when you plan to get over yourself? And ‘Stuck-up’? What, are we in 7th grade?” I’m sure that wasn’t the expected response.

Go about your business citizen, sometimes you really don’t need or want the attention. And in the immortal words of the band Pantera, “Be yourself, by yourself, stay away from me.”



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