Here We Go Steelers, Here We… No!



Some of the memorabilia my office.

As you can probably tell by the pictures above, I have long been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was even a fan through the Mark Malone and the Bubby Brister years, and also remained a fan after Neil O’Donnell gave Dallas the win in Super Bowl XXX.

But the loss to the dreaded Cowboys this last weekend has me more critical of “My Boys” than I have been in a long time.

Evidently, Tomlin is either trying to set the career coaching record for two-point conversion attempts, or for failed two-point conversion attempts; maybe both. He padded the stats for failure pretty well Sunday. Seriously, Mike? What the hell? the stats are ugly; put up the PAT and let’s roll.

Don’t even get me started on Brother Mark’s favorite goat, Fitzgerald Toussaint screwing the proverbial pooch and botching an easy two-point catch for Jesse James.

And what the H-E-L-L is going on with the 3rd down defense? For several years now any team that finds themselves in a 3rd and long situation against the Aluminum Partition is pretty much guaranteed a first down. for the love…

And discipline? how many times does Cockrell or Mitchell need to get flagged for interference or a personal foul before Butler has a sizeable piece of somebody’s ass and paycheck?

The Ben and the offense did what they needed to do only to be let down by the defense. Again.

I’m definitely not jumping ship, but there’s got to be some changes made this week or the game next weekend against The Mistake by the Lake is a trap waiting to be sprung. This game should be a blowout, but the Black & Gold will find a way to make it a nail-biter right to the end.

We’ve got a week to see what happens in the next game, so until then Steelers Nation, unite and:





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