Those Who Have Gone Before Us

After some much needed caffeine and a bit-o-breakfast this morning, I met my Brothers and Sisters of the Legion Riders from Post 6 and other volunteers at Beth El Cemetery to place flags on the graves of veterans there and in Olivet Cemetery in honor of Veteran’s Day.


The weather was excellent and we had a large group of volunteers. We placed 1,500+ flags in about an hour and a half!


Spanish-American War Memorial in Beth El Cemetery





If you’ve never walked a local cemetery and looked at the number of veterans buried there, the numbers can be mind boggling. It is also amazing to see how many wars/campaigns are represented in our cemeteries.










Right now the graves are all easier to identify with all of the flags placed.  I encourage each of you to stop by, pay your respects and reflect on their service and sacrifice.



It was a great morning of camaraderie and reflection, and it all made me state out loud: “With the current political and social climate, I certainly hope that in the future there will be others who will be willing to do the same for us after we’re in the ground.”

I’m sure with the number of veterans organizations around this tradition will never fade, but it definitely makes you think…




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