Medical Marijuana Petition in Wyoming

I don’t intend this to be a debate on any of the benefits or dangers of cannabis, but I find it odd that any group trying to be taken seriously in their efforts to get enough signatures for an initiative to be placed on the ballot in November for the legalization of medical marijuana hangs on to and glorifies the “420” reference.

I get that you think it’s “cool” to joke about the time with your stoner buddies twice a day, but perhaps you should drop it when trying to sway folks to your point of view. It’s not 1971 anymore and  you’re not searching for an abandoned crop of illegal weed.

Your use of childish humor and counterculture references actually makes you more an interest in the fact that you’re tipping you hand towards illegal use rather than “educating” the masses.

Instead, maybe you should focus more on the facts and working to ensure the program (if enacted) isn’t a joke like so many other states programs were where anybody can feign some “chronic” pain to get a prescription.

Just a thought. Or two.


Oh, and PS – You may want to make sure the links you provide on your Facebook pages actually go to a website.


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