Kyia Dawn

Since several people have asked, here is what we know of Kyia’s story:

Kyia was born June 7, 2013 (she is 16 months old today). The paperwork we were able to get on her says she is a German Shepherd mix, but she definitely looks all shepherd, of the long-haired variety.

She was living with 2 men near a friend of ours and everybody in the neighborhood loved this little dog. Kyia was mostly left outside and was tied to a tree with little food and fresh water. Neighbors would give her food and water when the men who “owned” her were not around for periods of time. Earlier this year, she bailed out of a moving vehicle and was bruised up pretty good.

While one of the men tried to work with her, the other yelled at her constantly and was once observed picking her up by the head and throwing her inside the garage. After being fed up with Kyia being neglected and abused, our friend Amy started the wheels in motion to rescue her from the home she was in. Animal Control was notified and they posted notices for the owners.

Amy was able to convince the men to sell Kyia to another friend of hers. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep Kyia because of his landlord. Amy then contacted me last Thursday about helping to find somebody to rescue her. Initially, I was not in the mind that our home would be her home with already having a rambunctious 7 month old Shepherd puppy and facing the possibility that I may be having my knee replaced in the next month or so.

But then I saw her picture…

First picture we saw of Kyia. Pretty girl!


I sent the picture to Carol and told her Kyia’s story. The replies I got were “I want her.” and “We’ll manage.”. We arranged to see Kayia that night and Carol, Shelby, and I went to see her that evening around 5:30. By 7 o’clock we were at a local park introducing her to Keisel.

The beginning of the meeting didn’t go well. There was clashing of the big teeth and we wondered if this was going to work. Then just as quickly as the barking and carrying on started, they started playing. By 8, we were loading up both dogs into separate vehicles and heading home. We kept all of the dogs (we have an older dog named Tink as well) separated the first night since it was late and nobody had eaten.

Somebody stayed with Kyia all the time for the first night and day, and we took all of the dogs to another park Friday night to work on introductions and such. About 5 minutes in we were walking a path with Keisel and Kyia walking side by side. Tink and Kyia aren’t getting along as well as we’d like, but we’re working on it.

On Saturday, Keisel and Kyia had the run of the backyard and had a blast. They horse around and bark at each other excitedly and cover the patio in water from their bucket. One thing that we thought was going to be an issue was toys since both of them have a high toy-drive, but so far it’s been nothing but tug-o-wars and keep-away with no bloodshed. And the speeds these two hit as they chase each other! It’s like having our own private German Shepherd race track!

Kyia had come to us with a choke chain on her that had been on her entirely too long and she had outgrown it to the point that I had to cut it off of her on Saturday. She now has a bright pink nylon collar with reflective dog paws on it!

On Sunday it became apparent that both dogs had been over-doing it as they had both developed a slight limp and Keisel had some minor issues with some bleeding we could never locate. Keisel’s bleeding stopped, but Kyia’s limp progressed to the point that she would hardly put any weight on her left leg. She’s had a visit to the vet and we found that she only weighs 54 pounds! (She’s fluffy enough that you can’t see it, but when you pet her you can feel her ribs, spine, and hips.) Being so malnourished, she had overworked the little muscle she has to the point of having some muscular inflammation and soreness. She was brought up to date on her shots and received some meds for her soreness and orders for some rest… Which has become an issue. She wants to play with Keisel and he wants to play with her. Constantly. Makes for some interesting conversations between the two of them!

Keisel has been trained with German commands and Kyia is picking them up fast! She’s had no accidents in the house, so house-breaking is not an issue. We’re working on kennel training and so far she’s progressing very nicely. Sometimes she’s a little unsure about what to do with treats, but when Keisel inhales his she gets the idea. She’s decided that laying on the couch and the bed is comfortable. She’s eating well, and has had very little digestive issues considering the drastic change in her diet and eating habits. (We’ll start giving her some of the same yummies we normally dish out at doggie-dinnner time like salmon, liver, and veggies with their regular food as soon as we get her used to eating twice a day.) This weekend we’ll focus on cutting out the matted hair and getting her coat brushed out better.

All-in-all, she’s adjusting very well and has been a wonderful addition to our pack! Many, many thanks to Amy, Rich, and Max for helping us rescue this little doll.

Kayia laying on the floor with her new dad last night.

Kyia laying on the floor with me last night.


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