Here We Go Steelers, Here We… No!

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Some of the memorabilia my office.

As you can probably tell by the pictures above, I have long been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was even a fan through the Mark Malone and the Bubby Brister years, and also remained a fan after Neil O’Donnell gave Dallas the win in Super Bowl XXX.

But the loss to the dreaded Cowboys this last weekend has me more critical of “My Boys” than I have been in a long time.

Evidently, Tomlin is either trying to set the career coaching record for two-point conversion attempts, or for failed two-point conversion attempts; maybe both. He padded the stats for failure pretty well Sunday. Seriously, Mike? What the hell? the stats are ugly; put up the PAT and let’s roll.

Don’t even get me started on Brother Mark’s favorite goat, Fitzgerald Toussaint screwing the proverbial pooch and botching an easy two-point catch for Jesse James.

And what the H-E-L-L is going on with the 3rd down defense? For several years now any team that finds themselves in a 3rd and long situation against the Aluminum Partition is pretty much guaranteed a first down. for the love…

And discipline? how many times does Cockrell or Mitchell need to get flagged for interference or a personal foul before Butler has a sizeable piece of somebody’s ass and paycheck?

The Ben and the offense did what they needed to do only to be let down by the defense. Again.

I’m definitely not jumping ship, but there’s got to be some changes made this week or the game next weekend against The Mistake by the Lake is a trap waiting to be sprung. This game should be a blowout, but the Black & Gold will find a way to make it a nail-biter right to the end.

We’ve got a week to see what happens in the next game, so until then Steelers Nation, unite and:




What to do… what to do…

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The only election I’ve ever really watched for the returns from the edge of my seat was a few years ago during the primary when I ran for Coroner.


Keisel, the official K9 sponsor of my run for Coroner.

Today I find myself in a quandary as to whether or not I want to watch this whole mess unravel tonight. After all, we still haven’t watched Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead! — No spoilers please, I will hunt you down.


We don’t get the local “Live From the Laundry Room” thanks to DirecTV, so we’d have to get local returns elsewhere; perhaps from the County’s website. (Truthfully I don’t miss the local channel(s), I can get more up-to-date and accurate info from social media sites most of the time.)

Of course, we can watch the national crap on the Clinton News Network or Faux News, but who the hell wants to watch and listen to those clowns all night?


All of this tomfoolery doesn’t mean that I’m not interested or concerned with the potential outcome of the election(s) but as with most people I know, I’ve grown weary of it all.

Perhaps the best solution is to just have dinner and catch up on some of our shows. The rollercoaster of projections, late returns, and all of the partisan conjecture just isn’t appealing.

But before bed, I’ll need to check the results, especially on the national level so that I’ll know if I need  to go buy ammo tomorrow while it’s still on the shelves and affordable.

Along those lines…

For all you sissy-la-la, bed-wetting, fair-weather citizens that plan to move to another country depending on the results of the election, on January 1st I plan to hold a “Starbucks for Guns” trade-in program. Before you run to the utopian country of your choice, I will trade a Starbucks beverage of your choice for all of the firearms that you and your entourage may own that will not be legal to possess in your new version of paradise.

We’ll have to keep the line moving, so once you’ve finished your beverage I have to insist that you get on your way and take your ass somewhere else. And never come back. Ever.

So until tonight, I’ll just plug away at the projects I have going at work, crank some tunes in my office, ponder the consequences of tonight’s election results and the effect on the future of this great country; and trust that my scheduler publishes this blog post at the right time during today.

It all makes me think of how relevant the lyrics to this old Queensrÿche song are now…

Those Who Have Gone Before Us

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After some much needed caffeine and a bit-o-breakfast this morning, I met my Brothers and Sisters of the Legion Riders from Post 6 and other volunteers at Beth El Cemetery to place flags on the graves of veterans there and in Olivet Cemetery in honor of Veteran’s Day.


The weather was excellent and we had a large group of volunteers. We placed 1,500+ flags in about an hour and a half!


Spanish-American War Memorial in Beth El Cemetery





If you’ve never walked a local cemetery and looked at the number of veterans buried there, the numbers can be mind boggling. It is also amazing to see how many wars/campaigns are represented in our cemeteries.










Right now the graves are all easier to identify with all of the flags placed.  I encourage each of you to stop by, pay your respects and reflect on their service and sacrifice.



It was a great morning of camaraderie and reflection, and it all made me state out loud: “With the current political and social climate, I certainly hope that in the future there will be others who will be willing to do the same for us after we’re in the ground.”

I’m sure with the number of veterans organizations around this tradition will never fade, but it definitely makes you think…




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Look, I know there are a lot of local veterans that love the Cheyenne VA and the services they have received there, but these vets have got to be the exception to the rule.

After getting fed up with not being able to see (even with my glasses on), I decided in July that it was time to get my eyes checked again. And… I need stronger glasses. As I was lamenting over the cost of new glasses, etc. with a friend of mine, I was informed that in my case I can get glasses through the VA.

So I stop at the VA Eye Clinic one day with my new eye script in hopes of checking out some new glasses. Nope. Can’t just stop in to the eye clinic, I have to get my Primary Care Provider (that changes every 6 months and I see once a year) to enter a consult into the system and the clinic will call me to schedule an appointment.

CST — “So even with my VA ID Card, a thumbprint, and possibly a blood or stool sample, I can’t just schedule an appointment with you today while I’m standing here?”

VA Employee — “No sir, not without a consult.”

Hmmmm… okay. Typical bureaucracy; I’ll play your stupid game. On July 22nd, I send a message to my PC over the VA’s Secure Message system asking if he would enter a consult for me to the Eye Clinic as I’ve already had the exam and have a script. 3 days later, I receive this reply:


Now at this point I have to take some ownership because for over a month I’ve been bitching about how bad my eyes have gotten and that even with my current glasses I’m having issues. So today I finally get fed up after not being able to see across the room at work and call the Eye Clinic to see what’s the deal.

VA Employee — “Well Sir, the reason nobody has called you to schedule an appointment is very simple, a consult was never entered into the system.”

CST — “You have GOT to be shitting me…”

Seriously? I know a lot of people may think that this is an exaggeration, but for me this is the rule rather than the exception. I just can’t believe how many times my shit gets screwed up on the medical and the benefits side of the VA.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fabulous people that work at the VA and they truly care about the vets. But there are some that just seem to not give a shit and can’t complete a simple task.

And the system? Kiss. My. Ass.

When an eligible veteran can’t walk in with proper identification and schedule services to which they are entitled, something is very wrong.

The Agony of Da Feet

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This is Kyia. We rescued her over a year ago and she’s become such a sweet little girl, I mean look at that face! How can you not love this little sweetheart?


Kyia (and her partner in crime, Keisel) are not supposed to be in the kitchen while I’m cooking unless they’re getting a drink or eating. Wednesday night I was slicing up some chicken that I had cooked and Kyia had to be reminded several times that she wasn’t welcome in the kitchen – more especially her nose shouldn’t be on top of the counter sniffing at the cutting board.

At some point she slipped past my line of sight and got back into the kitchen behind me. Apparently she was so excited by this she decided to celebrate by bringing her chew bone (a 6″-8″ section of beef shank) over to me to trade for some chicken. In the heat of the moment during her celebration she thought that spiking the bone on the floor (À la Gronkowski) was a spectacular idea.


So now here we are T+ 36 hours or so from the incident and the consequences of her decision or painfully evident. This is a picture of my foot. Taken this morning.


My foot happened to be between the floor and Kyia’s chew bone at the unfortunate moment of the “spike”. It hurts to move my toes. It hurts to wear shoes. It hurts to walk. I’m pretty sure something is broken, but it’s toes. I’ve had broken toes before – not a lot they can do about them, but it may be wise to have them checked anyway…

Some foul words were said. Many stars were seen. Some yelling was done. But we made up. I know it was an accident, and she’s such a sweet fur baby, but – bad dog, Kyia.

Bad. Dog.

Another “Day” of the Same Old Sh…stuff

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“5 Minutes Alone”

I see you had your mind all made up.
You group of pitiful liars. Before I woke to face the day,
Your master plan transpired.

-Something told me-

This job has more to meet the eye.
My song is not believed?
My words somewhat deceiving?
Now I’m unwhole.

You’ve waged a war of nerves.
But you can’t crush the kingdom.
Can’t be what your idols are.
Can’t leave that scar.
You cry for compensation.

I ask you please just give us…
5 minutes alone

I read your eyes, your mind was made up.
You took me for a fool.
You used complexion of my skin
For a counter racist tool.

-You can’t burn me-

I’ve spilled my guts out in the past.
Taken advantage of.
‘Cause you know where I’ve come from.
My past.

You’ve waged a war of nerves.
But you can’t crush the kingdom.
Can’t be what your idols are.
Can’t leave the scar.
You cry for compensation.

I ask you please just give us…
5 minutes alone

Friday Theme Song

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Looking at my impending “smoke test” (testing matrix) for our next big software upgrade and thinking about the projects we have in progress, the impending move to a new building… a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time.

Crankin’ some 5FDP to get the day started. I’m seriously hooked on this tune!

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